Tim Jerome

Our Vision
This website is for those who can and want to see through the draconian measures that bought out governments around the world are using to take away people's God-given human-born rights. These are basic human rights that every person was born with. A world without borders and without sold out government control is our emphasis!
The right of bodily and mental choice is a God-given right that each person was born with and a right that each person should count as sacred. This right should not be sold or bargained for, and definitely this right should not be forcefully and/or coercively taken away by any sold out government.

It is clear that governments are not operating independently; but have been bought by a group of people who are not operating for the good of the majority of humankind. These people of evil are influencing and controlling  the gullible and ignorant around the world for their own advantage .

There are many people around the world who have given their individual rights over to the controlling bought our governments and are happy to let someone else think for them. But, there is another group of people who I call the enlightened who are not willing to give over their God-given rights and want a life for themselves and their children where people are free. I and these people do not want  to live under the government restraints and government heavy hand. We the enlightened will win this battle as light is always greater then darkness. In fact the darker the dark the better the light shines.   

It is clear that a group of people who have mega wealth and mega influence are controlling and directing governments around the world for their own monetary and political gains.

It is time for people to reclaim their God-given freedoms and human-born rights.

The way to fight this tyranny is not through violence, but instead with peace, enlightenment, education, helping/supporting and caring for one another.

This task is too big for one person or even one Nation. It is going to take people from all around the world to mobilise together to form one enlightened people with one goal of  standing together to overcome and defeat this tyranny.