As consenting thinking humans we have to have all the information to make informed decisions. The mega rich and mega influential Big Tec owners are taking away the right for us to see all the information. This page has been set up for you to see some of the information that they don't want you to see. It is your right to see all the information so you can make informed decisions that affect your health and your human rights!

With what is happing around the world at present, Big Tech have a distraction that stops them from being broken up and made accountable.

Watch this video and make up your own mind on experimental Vaccinations

pfizer cover up.jpg

To make an informed decision to decide if we want to put an experimental drug in our bodies we should have all the information!

To make this decision our government should be informing us that Pfizer was fined 2.3 billion dollars for bribing doctors and withholding information just over 10 years ago.


When money gives you the power to change the medical dictionary we need to be very concerned.
The meaning of the word vaccination has been changed in recent times to justify the use of an experimental drug.

South Australian Nurses reveal what is really taking place in the hospitals-"Hospitals are full of vaccinated reactions"
Twenty year olds are suffering life threatening reactions when vaccinated.

We are being lied to by our government!!