Never give in, never give up, compassion love and respecting people's right is our moto - Those who have brought about this tyranny are hoping that people will be that confused and dejected that people will give in and give up. Freedom Fighters will never give in or give up. Light is always greater than darkness. Good and right will always win against wrong and evil.


Compassion - We are committed to releasing true compassion and caring for all people. We are doing what we are doing because of wanting to see no one hurt or maimed, either physically, emotionally or financially both now and in the future. We want to see no one suffer unnecessary physical harm or suffer emotional turmoil or suffer financial hardship because of the draconian laws that are trying to be introduced and made law. 

Care and Forgiveness - Even though we are treated wrongly and harshly by those who have not come to the truth, we have already decided not to repay evil for evil. Instead, we choose to care, respect and forgive. We believe that there is enough evil in the world at the moment, we choose to overcome or defeat evil with good.

Integrity – We stand for what is right and just. We believe in being honest, open and fair with everyone.

Impartiality – We advocate for the rights of all people irrespective of their political beliefs, coloured skin or nationality.

Inclusiveness – We welcome a wide range of views and opinions. We believe that no one person has all the answers or solutions. We believe in building a culture of support, caring and respect for everyone.

Our Values Tim and Jo Jerome