10 minute Inspirational teaching listening to what the Holy Spirit wants to say.
In these teachings Tim talks about different subjects relevant for today.

Freedom from the guilt of sin
Where in the Bible does it say we have to believe in the trinity to be saved
Are you a true Jew?
Jesus will judge His people
The church in the West is in a MESS!!!
Gay marriage is not legal in God's eyes
God is a person not a thing
Would Jesus be welcome in your church?
Mark of the beast
The Jewish people were the keepers of the scriptures and the truth
Will everyone who makes a decision for Jesus be in the Kingdom of God
Who is Holy Spirit? 
If you were to give the Bible to a child would they come up with the fact there is only one God
The Flesh church wants your money
Who is Jesus? - Part 1
There is only one original God
Jesus is the mighty God
Who is Jesus? - Part 2
Believe in One God
Jesus is not the reincarnated son but the born Son of God
Less means More
Do you want to be made well?
There is only one sin we need to repent of to be born again - Part 1
There is only one sin we need to repent of to be born again - Part 2
What is Religion?
God wants to treat us as an individual
God wants a relationship
Today is the day of your salvation
You don't have to be like the world to win the world
What does it mean to be born again
What's going to happen in the future
God has given me authority
Does the Devil know you personally?
God treats us as an individual
You will never be perfect in the eyes of man
God has come to set us free from man-made religion
Grace is not a licence to sin
Light is always greater then darkness
Are you partnered with God?
There is no sin too great
God excepts you the way you are as a believer