Why Freedom Fighters Tim and Jo Jerome

Money, wealth and control are the big players in what is happening around the world today! If you sit back and do nothing when this tyranny is taking place before your very eyes then you become part of the problem and not part the solution. Every person has been born with a brain to think, make choices and to learn.

Any person who is truly open and a reasonable thinker can see that what is taking place today by the born out governments around the world and with the mainstream media who are in bed with Big Tec and Big Pharmaceutical companies is not normal, nor is it in the best interests of the majority of world's population.

When did  the Big Tech owners become the judges of what is right and wrong, or when did they become the judges of what is healthy and what is not? When did they gain the right to tell people what they can and cannot put in their bodies? It is very clear that mainstream media and Big Tech workers are singing the tune of their wealthy employers. Their employers control most of the world's wealth and influence all of the world's governments.

There is a major conflict of interests!

There is a major distribution of the worlds wealth to these few individuals that are controlling the world's governments!

Individuals and businesses all around the world are suffering immensely. Governments all around the world are going into major debt. Who do governments all around the world owe money too? Yes, to these few mega wealthy and mega influential individuals who are controlling what is taking place around the world with the world's agriculture, the world's resources and with the world-wide Covid-virus response. 

These mega wealthy and mega influential individuals are gaining more and more control over nations all around the world. Laws are getting passed that take away an individual's rights. Laws are getting passed that make it harder for a small business to operate successfully. Laws are getting passed that are taking away freedom of religion and freedom of speech. Finally and most concerning, laws are getting passed that take away individual right. The basic right of a person to decide and/or refuse what is being put into their bodies is being taken away.



It is important that we do something now while we still have a chance. It is important for the next generation that we make a democratic stand now and join together to defeat this tyranny.


Together we can win this battle. Together we can fight the good fight of faith and end this tyranny.  


This is the reason why.