We are living in times of great greed, with greedy evil people wanting controlling draconian power.

What is happening around the world today has never happened on this scale before in all history.

In the past we have had evil dictators and people of evil, but it never involved all of the world’s nations and all of the world's population that we are seeing today.

What we are seeing today is a group of evil greedy people that have joined together to bring about mass deception and mass control.

This group of people have been influencing the world's governments for many years underhandedly by stealth. Recently, this group of  people have shown their hand by orchestrating what governments and ordinary citizens can and cannot say in mainstream media and on social media.

These evil greedy people seek to control through their outlets by causing mass fear, mass disruption and mass misinformation.

In recent times there has been a mass transference of wealth. Governments have poured in trillions of future tax dollars to prop up the economy which in turn has flowed into the hands of these wealthy greedy individuals.

Government have gone into massive debt. Who do governments owe this Money too? Yes to these evil greedy power hungry people. 


The good news is we can stop this mass evil. Evil only exists when good people give up their own individual rights and let evil influence and conquer them. The facts are people are influenced by their leadership. Because our leadership/governments have been bought and prostituted by this evil greedy group, they have sold out us the people that they are supposed to represent.  

The answer to this treachery is to democratically get rid of the corrupt traitors that have sold us out. We need to elect those who will not be bought but instead are going to stand up for good, fairness and that which is right. We need to elect those who will allow us the people freedom of choice, freedom of speech and freedom to live our lives the way we were made. 


What these evil power hungry people want is for people to give in and  say, "it is too hard" or "it's too late for change". When you give in to evil, then evil wins. When you give up the fight against evil, then evil wins.

Freedom fighters will never give in! Freedom fighters will never give up!


We like you want our freedom back. We like you want to end this tyranny that is taking over the world. We like you want to expose this deception that masquerades as humanitarianism. True humanitarianism involves respecting the rights of the individual. True humanitarianism upholds democracy and freedom of choice. 


Together we will win this battle. Together we will end this tyranny!